A gift of time...

When I was little, I remember many nights cuddled in my grandfather's lap spent going through film slides on my grandparent's old projector.  I was fascinated with the stories and the memories shared about each photograph.  Those old slides were my formal introduction to family members I had never met and never would;  they were memories of times past.  

It was then, at such a young age, that I understood the value of documenting life, capturing each moment, and leaving your legacy behind through images.  What do we have to remember the past?  We have photographs, love letters, documents linking time from then to now.  

Your photographs are your legacy.  They're how future generations will know and remember you.  They will tell your love story: the story of your family and how it grew and who you were.  

I am honored that you're here to explore my work.  It's a gift to me to be the one to preserve your memories and capture your life's little and big moments.  

My Story...

I am so glad our paths have crossed on your journey to find your photographer.  I'm Alyssa, the owner and photographer over here at Hope + Stay.

My journey into the photography world has been one with lots of crossroads, forks, twists and turns. When making plans for my life, I certainly never envisioned myself here.  But, what I've learned from my journey thus far, is that life is full of surprises, unexpected detours, encounters, and decisions that help shape your story.

I've always had an "eye" for all things beautiful from interior design to simply taking notice of beautiful light when I saw it.  I am a very visual person; I notice everything.  I see every detail.

I began my professional life as an elementary school teacher and was very satisfied in my role until one day my life completely changed:  I became a mom.  I realized that while teaching was a very important facet of my life, something had shifted.   

I stumbled across a quote recently which said, "If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph."  This rings true on so many levels for me.  Becoming a parent made me realize how precious life is and how quickly time passes us by.  Little things that you notice in the moment, quickly are forgotten as life happens, which is what prompted me to take my love for the past and photography to the next level.

I spent a few years learning my camera, taking classes, seeking mentorships, and endlessly practicing to perfect my craft.  In November of 2014, I decided I was finally ready to make my dream a reality and opened my photography business.  At the beginning of 2017,  I decided to relaunch my business under the name Hope + Stay, giving my work and business a new life and energy.

Photo credit:  Erin Joyce Photography