Welcome, Silas | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Newark, Delaware Portrait Photographer

There's so much excitement surrounding the arrival of a baby.  All of the new experiences as a parent, figuring out this new way of life; each moment is so precious.  

This little prince is the newest addition to our family and I couldn't be prouder to show him off.  Everyone, meet sweet little Silas!  

I spent the afternoon with Ron and Allison documenting a few hours of their day.  There were lots of cuddles, laughter, and quiet time with their new little boy as I quietly observed through my lens.  It's so beautiful to watch these new parents inspect their little baby--counting each finger and toe, combing his fluffy baby hair, tracing the lines of his newborn nose.  

Thank you, Ron and Allison, for inviting me to capture these first moments.  I hope you treasure these memories always.